Tuesday, August 08, 2006


How Many Titles Do You See on Blogs Like This: "Been Awhile..."? Hmmm???

Well, here's mine. Now that we're fully into the season of complete departure from Christendom at our (soon-to-be-former) "church," we'd like to take a moment to remind ourselves, and anyone out there who happens upon this lonely backwater of the blogworld, just WHY it's 'time for these bootheels to be wanderin' "...and so, I give you


If the Emergent(tm) 'conversation' is going nowhere, perhaps we'd better figure out where we'll be going instead.

Happy Trails!

Right on, Mr. Burns! Glad you liked that link. We'll discuss soon. Wanted to post on here so you felt like there was some activity in the backwater.
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