Friday, June 30, 2006


The Big Fix!

Some crazies on fixed gear bicycles (that's one gear, no coasting!) are riding across the US from the Left Coast(tm) to the other Left Coast(tm) to raise awareness & funds for a disease I never heard of before meeting them online at's i-bob forum. It's a rare one called Histiocytosis, and it's so much like cancer, it's treated by oncologists. It attacks youngsters, like it has one or two of the riders on this trip. Y'gotta hand it to folks who don't wait for someone else to do something, but take action like these guys have. If you got some spare cashola, you could do worse than dropping these folks a few coins. Check it out at They're also blogging on this site:

I'll be out in the beautiful (but blazing hot!) Flint Hills of Kansas riding along and hopefully cheering them along, too with some V8 & beer. They'll be doing day 16, which runs from Great Bend, KS to Emporia, KS, which is about 143 miles! That's something to see, so I'm going!


Truant Officers of a Sort is a fine web presence of some folks up in Spokane, WA at a place called Christ Church. What's a guy gotta do to get that kind of 'conversation' going on in the midwest?


Playing Hooky

As you can imagine, this whole business, if any of you have been following it, ( is making it a chore to go to church these days. Anyone else out there occasionally 'play hooky' and what are your excuses? Boredom, irritation, sloth, being a 'root o' bitterness,' heresy? Hmmm??

Saturday, June 24, 2006


Battery Acid as Theology

That's about the only description I can think of to term the British version of Brian McLaren's latest contribution to the 'conversation.' John Piper, in his fresh words commentary from Fathers' Day has more to say about the emerging corrosion of sound thinking here:

STR has more discussion on this here:

Scroll to their June 18th, 2006 radio archive.

grace & peace,

Friday, June 23, 2006


Do We Do What We're Told?

A fellow blogger recently decried the evangelical 'subculture' on his blog & how for "the past 80 years" in America, these churches have been doing nothing but besmirching the good name of Christ and Christianity. Next day, I get this tidbit from the daily Christianity Today weblog. Read more here:

It's one among many examples of good things we've been up to since AD 33 or so...


Grace & peace,


Why Sawhorse?

Matthew 13:55 for one thing; Mark 6:3 for another. That's pretty much it. Get it?

Grace & peace,

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